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Targeting Peripheral Sensory Neurons to Improve Tactile-Related Phenotypes in ASD Models

Orefice LL, Mosko JR, Morency DT, Wells MF, Tasnim A, Mozeika SM, Ye M, Chirila AM, Emanuel AJ, Rankin G, Fame RM, Lehtinen MK, Feng G, Ginty DD.

Cell, August 8 2019

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Orefice LL. Outside-In: revisiting the etiology of autism spectrum disorders. Science, 2019. Oct 4; 366 (6461): 45-46

Orefice LL, Mosko JR, Morency DT, Wells MF, Tasnim A, Mozeika SM, Ye M, Chirila AM, Emanuel AJ, Rankin G, Fame RM, Lehtinen MK, Feng G, Ginty DD. Targeting peripheral somatosensory neurons to improve tactile and behavioral phenotypes in ASD. Cell, 2019. Aug 8; 178: 867-886.

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Chen CM, Orefice LL, Chiu SL, LeGates TA, Hattar S, Huganir RL, Zhao H, Xu B, and Kuruvilla R. Wnt5a is essential for hippocampal dendritic maintenance and spatial learning and memory in adult mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 2017. Jan 24;114(4):E619-E628.

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Orefice LL, Zimmerman AL, Chirila AM, Sleboda SJ, Head JP, Ginty DD. Peripheral mechanosensory neuron dysfunction underlies tactile and behavioral deficits in mouse models of ASD. Cell, 2016. Jul 14;166(2):299-313.

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